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Meet the Staff of DealerGuy.com

Jason Miller - The Dealerguy

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Thank you for stopping by Dealerguy.com, my name is Jason Miller. I grew up working in my families wholesale produce business at the State Farmers Market. During my time there, I learned that cheaper is rarely better, and value and quality is much more important than the lowest price. I also learned the value of honesty and integrity from my mother and father. And that being fair to people helps you sleep better at night. After leaving the family business, and prior to establishing Dealerguy in February 2009, I worked for ten years at one of the largest Ford dealers in the Southeast. During my time as a sales consultant there I sold over 1300 vehicles. Most of my success was due to a strong repeat and referral clientele. That came from treating everyone fairly and listening to their needs. During my last five years there, I was a finance manager. That valuable experience helped me learn how to competently advise customers on making the best financial decision when buying their vehicles. I can tell you that although new cars have their benefits, a pre-owned vehicle is almost always the wiser financial decision. My passion for helping people get the most value for their dollar when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is what inspired me to open Dealerguy.com. Now let me introduce you to the rest of the Dealerguy.com family!

Cathy Miller - The Real Boss

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Cathy has been a part of Dealerguy from the beginning. Honestly, she is a big part of the reason there is a Dealerguy.com. Her motivation and encouragement helped push us from a little office in Griffin with six cars to a beautiful lot in McDonough with over forty. She is a wonderful wife and an awesome mom of two great kids. Also, Cathy has over 15 years management experience in the auto industry...so, not only does she look good, she knows her stuff!

Tiffany Ammons - Office Manager

678-688-5525 - tiffany@dealerguy.com

Tiffany became part of the Dealerguy team in July of 2013 after being a customer of many years. We are so very happy to have her as part of our team. Her upbeat personality always adds a smile to our customers faces. She previously spent thirteen years in the banking world before joining us. Tiffany grew up in McDonough and has strong ties to our community.

Jaci Miller - Dealerguy's Princess


Jaci became part of the Dealerguy team August 28, 2013. Her energy and personality bring tremendous joy to our lives every day! There is no doubt Jaci will be successful in whatever she chooses to do in life...she is already a very good salesperson when she wants daddy to do something for her!

Cason Miller - Dealerguy's Little Buddy


Cason became part of the Dealerguy team on October 22, 2015. He is still figuring things out, but we are pretty sure he can already sell a car. This little fella is laid back and thank goodness for that. Not sure we could handle two kids as energetic as his big sister, Jaci. He loves to watch everything she does and she is so happy to have a little brother to spend time with. Right now his interests include drinking milk, sleeping, and laughing at us while we change his diaper.

Tyco - Customer Relations Manager


Tyco became a part of the Dealerguy family on July 14, 2011. He is a rescue pup from the Henry county pound and has been Dealerguy's best friend since day one! His favorite thing is meeting new people and make new friends. One of the coolest dogs you will ever meet. Many of our customers come by just to visit Tyco and he loves it.